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It was nice to welcome Malta for the second time. For the second time, the same school, the same hosts.

Someone would say: boring! No! Not at all! I came here at another time of the year. Three years ago it was November. Certainly a little warmer. But a half-hour walk along the waterfront … Many, many plants bloom. I saw a lizard, I think green. The herb I previously thought was: … Geraniums???. He turned out to be not a geraniums. Grass grows, sedges and others … I don’t know what … and they bloom. I have not seen it before. In home gardens (perhaps too much said – rather micro gardens) callas bloom, ripe citrus hang.

Hosts … what to say? Great people. Friends. (Mat & Natasha – I am talking about you … thank you very much  )

Natasha said that I speak English better than before. Well … three years break but something in my head remained.

So … The first day is passed. Basically 1/3 of the day but … Yes: I’m impatient. What will be tommorow? What will Malta surprise me with?

And the second day 
I ran along the wharf.
Then a walking trip to the aquarium.

I passed by on the way:

1. Pembroke Heritage (
2. Military area.  (
3. Torri tal-Madliena. One of the towers left over from the garrison.
4. White Rocks – abandoned, unfinished construction.
4. Wharf Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq. One of the towers left over from the garrison.
5. Wharf Vedome Redoubt
6. Splash & Fun Water Park – before the season.
7. Wharf hmm rather a peninsula Bateria Qalet Marku and Torri ta’ Qalet Marku
8. Mizzi Soft Ice Cream. ( I have not felt the sun yet. )
9. Road Tul Il-Kosta to Torri tal-Għallis- One of the towers left over from the garrison.
One of the goals of my trip was to enter the great mountain. Failed to. Not my fault. I realized that the mountain is the property of a waste company. Wasteserv – “Creating Resources From Waste”.  (
10. On the dirt road Triq it-Tori ta l-Għallis, through fields and gardens of farmers, shortcuts to the road Triq Is-Salina ( I like this name „Triq” =  street).
11. Road Triq Is-Salina to Salina Nature Reserve. A bird sanctuary. Terns were present, but migratory herons and even flamingos also reportedly come.
12. Next to Salina Park (playground, not only for children), then to Kennedy Grove. There on the wall – a well-known, very important quote: ” Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country„.  (There at the fountain I realized that the local sun is terrible)
13. Going further along street Dawret Il – Qawra I reached the destination of my trip. To the Malta National Aquarium (

I came back by bus (212).

I was running again.
A successful day.

Day third. Starting learning.

Meeting at the student’s club. Ok. The lecturers conducted a meeting with a lot of performances. Thanks to non-verbal channels, I understood almost everything.

The teacher introduced herself. Then we.

What is your name?
Where are you from?
Where do you live?
In which part of your country?
What is your nationality? (Yes yes. Last time it was not there, Europe is changing.)
What do you do?
What is your favorite color? Food? Sport?
Are you married? (There is no problem in English whether husband or wife. )

After lunch, a small siesta and of course running on the wharf. The day is over. Is great.

Bartosz Nowosadko

Oh … Google… Thank you very much for your great translation help.

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